Does Physical Attraction Matter In A Relationship


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Does Physical Attraction Matter In A Relationship

Today I have a guest post from Joyce Hue.  Joyce Hue an author, creative content manager and loving mother. In her spare time, she loves to read books, cook delicious meals, go travel and shopping! She loves blogging because this is the way to share her thoughts.  Please visit her blog at The Ugly Fact.

Some people think that physical appearance is not a big deal as long as you have a good attitude. Are you sure? Hmmm… doubting. I’m just joking with you. Am I? I am. I’m actually here to tell you that your perspective about physical attraction is wrong.

The first thing that comes into people’s minds are facial structure, body figure, and how good looking that person is, right? From my understanding, as long as you can see and perceive with both of your eyes, that is what we call physical attraction. There are plenty of things that matter in a relationship. Authenticity. Trust. Selflessness. The list goes on and it includes physical attraction.

In order to attract people’s attention, you don’t have to be drop dead gorgeous or have a stop in your tracks body feature. If you have one, sure, that’s a plus. But as long as you take care of your hygiene and personal care, someone will find you attractive. Because there’s more that makes you attractive than what’s seen at first sight and that is worth something.


Imagine that you are intimate with your partner without any physical attraction. There’s little to no smiling, you don’t ache for their touch and you don’t respond positively to their physical cues. It feels like being in a relationship with a robot when the sensual feelings are not there.

Therefore, physical attraction is one of the most important things that you need to look for when you’re in the dating scene. Without physical attractions, you may find a lack in your sex life, which may open the door to deeper truths such as a lack of respect and/or communication.


1.  Does physical attraction matter for guys?

Most guys would say yes and if he doesn’t, he’s not human. Men love to look at pretty things. But the bottom line is that it’s subjective. Everyone has a different point of view and everyone has their own taste. So what one man likes in a woman, another man will not find those attributes to be high on their list of desires from a woman. Even still, the chemistry that brings us together aside from physical attraction includes behavior and attitude. It’s normal to aim for all three, but there are men out there who are satisfied with just the physical component. So when it comes down to it, physical attributes typically do matter for guys.

2.  What are things that guys see in women?

These are the common features and attributes that guys usually look at women:

Lips: It’s intriguing to look at someone’s lips, whether they are still or not. The ways that lips move fascinate people by just looking. Men are more drawn to look at women’s lips since it’s typically the first thing that catches their eyes. Especially, when women wear lipstick or lip balm which enhance this feature. Based on research by Dr. Geoff Beattie, lips are one of the main parts on a woman’s body that play a critical role in human sexual attraction.

Sensitive Parts: Guys, don’t lie to me. I know you love those parts and I know you can’t resist looking. Men’s brains tend to focus on what catches the eye, so if you’re looking to really be spotted, showing a little cleavage just might send the message that you want to be looked at. Pay attention to how you present yourself to the world because people are always looking.


1.  Does physical attraction matter for women?

For me, as a woman, my answer is yes. Physical attraction does matter to me since our appearance and how we dress is a reflection of our attitude, the way we see the world, and the way that we want to present ourselves to the world. How we see ourselves and how we see ourselves fitting in this giant world mean a lot and we show that meaning the moment we walk out of our doors.

2.  What are the first things that women see in guys?

These are things that women tend to look at when it comes to looking at guys:

Hair: Most girls, including myself, are attracted to men who style their hair. Your hair doesn’t have to be slick like the latest K-pop star. Just nicely combing your hair is fine. Anyone can tell if someone put a comb or brush through their hair or not after a day or two of not taking care of one’s hair. Believe me, women will pay attention to how clean and well maintained your hair is. So take care of the personal hygiene and don’t overdo it with scented shampoos.

Shoes: If you are wearing a solid outfit and your hair is done but your shoes are dirty, it might seem like you are not very put together. It’s often a major turn off for girls. Your appearance shows how your personality is. Always keep yourself clean, including the gear on your feet. Because if you aren’t concerned with keeping a clean path as you walk, why would someone be interested in walking that path with you?

Smile: Women are more attracted to guys who smile genuinely since seeing a smile can lift our mood and reduce our stress. Research has found that people who smile often are considered attractive and easy to approach. This is probably why skeezy guys always try to get women to smile. But women know that these smiles have to be genuine.

Outerwear: Women are attracted to guys who have a neat appearance. Believe me, no one likes to date guys who look shaggy and don’t care about their personal care. You don’t have to wear expensive and fashionable clothes. But you do need to wear something that is pleasant to the eyes. Something that is not an eye soar. Something that shows you care about putting your best foot forward. A little effort goes a long way.

The Bottom Line

Men and women have different opinions and views when it comes to relationships. But no one can deny that physical attraction is a jumping off point for new couples as they search for their life partner. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to a beautiful face every morning?

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Does Physical Attraction Matter In A Relationship

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