Sharing your story gives others comfort and could also be helping someone else. Let them know they are not alone. Everyone has a story, do not let fear hold you back - join us on our podcast today.

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The interview is approximately a 60 minute free flow conversation about you sharing your story and how you regained your power and did not allow anything that happened in your life hold you back.

"The interview process was straightforward and relaxed... Sherley truly has a gift and makes you feel at ease right away. Her energy and calm demeanor along with the stories she shines a light on to help women on their path thru life!"

Five Stars:

"My interview on Femme Parler Podcast was a pleasant one. Sherley was very upfront about her interview style and the depth in which she would take the interview. The conversation style of the interview was relaxed and made it easy to share. Thank you for having me on the show!"

Five Stars:

As a guest, I really loved how warm, open, and receptive Sherley was. Very professional, smooth process, great platform".

Five Stars:

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Thank you for being a guest on the show. I am always looking for feedback as a host to make the experience better for every guest.

We are unpacking opinions and changing destinations.

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