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You name it, we talk about it. From infidelity, forgiveness, and sex, to marriage, dating, and motherhood. Defining all turning points in our relationships for better or worse and so much more. 

Regain Your Power |
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Talking about everything dealing with relationships such as infidelity, forgiveness, sex, marriage, dating, defining turning points in our relationships for better or worse and so much more. We will meet you wherever you are.

Feeling Stuck In Crisis

Looking to Reclaim Your Identity

We are all strong and empowered women - individually unique and on different journeys. Together, we learn and relearn and really accept that life is what you make it, so let us not allow a crisis in our relationships, in our lives to tear us down. 


Wanting Raw, Real Conversations

Each week, we share personal, powerful stories and teachings from women that made a leap to regain their power after a crisis and chase a better life. We don't hold back and you are always invited to join us.

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"I want to thank you ladies for sharing your vulnerabilities, guidance and support knowing that I am not alone in my struggle. You have helped open my eyes to creating reasonable healthy barriers I knew I needed long ago but now have the strength to build and expect".

Five Stars:

"It honestly doesn't get much better than this! Sherley is beyond knowledgeable on the topics she discusses and her authenticity shines through in her podcast. If you want someone who is REAL and who prides herself on giving her audience only the best listening experience, tune in to Femme Parler"

"Pure Perfection"

"This is a safe place to understand more about you, your relationship and your pathway in life. Sherley gets it! We aren’t alone in this journey. Each guest meshes really well with the topic and the advice is unmatched. I feel like I’m listening to real life girlfriends who give me sound advice".

"Virtual Girlfriends"

I'm Sherley, a US Army veteran, Flight Attendant, turned podcast host.

After having gone through crisis myself in my personal relationship, I am now on a mission to empower women to step out of fear and into faith so they can thrive as their best selves and in their relationships.

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Through this podcast, I am opening up a piece of my world to you in a way that I haven’t before. I want to give back my knowledge and share my experiences as well as what I learned during my lowest points. I want to share how I was able to regain my power. If what I was able to do for myself and learn from myself can help one person out there, this will all be worth it.

My superpower is helping women reclaim their power, rebuild their life, and rise up out of a crisis in their relationships through real, raw conversations



Sharing your story gives others comfort and could also be helping someone else. Everyone has a story, do not let fear hold you back.

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A place that all women who are transitioning out of a crisis in their relationships - looking  to get support, share encouragement, and connect with others.

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