25 Inexpensive Date Night Ideas


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25 Inexpensive Date Night Ideas

This article was written by Lynn Joseph on behalf of Sherley Altidor

Being in a relationship for over 20 years, I can say that I am close to an expert when it comes to date night. I will pat myself on the back for this one because it’s not easy keeping it fresh.

You really have to be creative and step outside the box to continue the adventure of falling in love with each other all over again on a night out (or in). Routine dates can get boring after awhile, so I’m here to give you some ideas for switching it up. I myself have not tried all of these ideas and all of these suggestions may not work for every couple. My hope is that this list will help spark the connection between you and your partner as you find the right date night for you. Let’s jump on!

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  1. Exercise At Home –  Skipping the gym for a more intimate setting at home might be just the the thing that gets one of you or both of you into yoga. There are a ton of different work out regiments that can be done at home, so take some time to talk about which ones suit you and you’d feel most comfortable doing on a date night, before the real work out begins.

  2. Stay in & Cook – Instead of breaking the bank at a restaurant, pick a new meal or your favorite meal to cook and a completely new ambiance for the evening. Change up the lightning and home decor. Take dinner outside if you can to a backyard or rooftop. Remember, the goal here is to think outside of the box and switch up the routine, so find what’s new and exciting for you as a couple.
  3. Stay in For a Movie – For the fellow homebodies out there, take your at home movie experience to the next level. Set up a concessions stand. Make your popcorn on the stovetop for a change or order gourmet popcorn (Garrett’s anyone?). Create a scrapbook to make “tickets” of the movies you two enjoy at home. Watch a double or triple feature. Project the movie onto the wall instead of watching on the screen.

  4. Talk to Each Other – When is the last time you really took time to simply sit down and start talking? Take the time to catch up without any bells and whistles. It is so important for couples not to get caught up in the busy nature of life and to remember that good conversation is good communication. Healthy conversation makes for healthy relationships. So take the time to talk.
  5. Go for a Walk – Another way to get the body moving is to take a nice stroll around town. There’s no need to build up a sweat. Your walk could be around a local or state park, a museum, or a new neighborhood. The options are endless. Whether new or familiar territory, taking in the surroundings on a nice day or evening will help you clear your minds and see the beauty in the journey you are walking together.

  6. Enjoy Each Other’s Time Together – Take a night to fulfill each one or two or more of each other’s fantasies. Talk about it beforehand and communicate as clearly as possible about what each of you want out of the night so that everyone is fully prepared for the night ahead.

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  1. Clean the House Together – Some of you may be thinking, “What the hell?” I get it. This is not for everyone. But for me, I am super happy when hubby pitches in on the domesticated things and making it a friendly competition with a reward at the end of this particular night might make this Marie Kondo style date all worth it.

  2. Go for a Bike Ride – Riding a bike is very relaxing and if you don’t know how to ride, this would be the perfect opportunity for one or both of you to learn.
  3. Book Club – This one is not just for avid book readers. Take the time that you need to pick a book to read and talk about with each other. Whether it’s talking about the book every week or talking about a new book every month or every other month, the time is set aside to reconnect and get to fall in love all over again through literature.

  4. Massage – What person doesn’t like a massage? I am no masseuse but the feeling of touch is one of my love languages. If it’s yours or you just need your annual massage to get you through, go all out. Pick the best spa with all of the bells and whistles. It’s time to be pampered. You both earned it.
  5. Walk the Dogs Together – Since we are pet owners, this is great way for us to catch up with each other as opposed to one of us being tasked with the duty alone. So take out those earphones on your walk and talk with your partner.

  6. Game Night – Whether it’s board games, card games, RPG, etc…, try a new game or try modifying a game to spice things up! That way, everyone wins.

25 Inexpensive Date Night Ideas

  1. Picnic at Home – Whether in your backyard or indoors, there’s something rejuvenating and calming about taking the time to make space in a natural setting. So get back to basics and enjoy the simple things.

  2. Get Dessert – Ice cream, sorbet, Italian Ice, cupcakes, the list goes on. Venture out to your favorite dessert place or a new place that’s been on your radar and you have yet to try. Take a night to indulge in the sweet things.


  1. Indoor Pedicure – Buy a spa pedicure set to pamper each other and cater to your significant other. We bought a set at Walmart, so be on the lookout for inexpensive sets. It’s totally worth it.

  2. Go to a Car Show – There is an endless amounts of car shows, all different types of car shows. Do your research to see what car shows would interest the both of you that are around you or worth the drive.
  3. Meditate – Meditation is very calming. Especially if the week or month may have been stressful, sometimes all you need is someone beside you to relieve stress and meditating together might be just what you need.

  4. Invite Friends Over – If you’ve never invited a couple over for dinner and a game or movie, now is the perfect time to consider it as you switch things up.

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  1. DIY Skincare Self Care – If you’re reading this blog, chances are you love natural skincare products just as much as I do. What better a time to get your significant other on board by making soaps and masks together?

  2. Have the Kids Prepare Dinner – If your children are old enough to make dinner without supervision, this is nice for mom and dad to relax and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Remember to send the kids out once dinner is served.
  3. Create an Indoor Camp – Remember when you were a kid and made forts in your bedroom and living room? Something tells me that an adult fort is much more fun.

  4. Make Alcoholic Beverages – We have a favorite drink we make in our house from my Haitian culture. Whether or not you’ve ever made your own drinks at home, this would make a really fun date night if you’re a great person to be around tipsy.
  5. Love Note Treasure Hunt – Write (color coordinated) love notes to each other or things you want your partner to do that night and hide them around the house for a treasure hunt unlike any other.

  6. Make Dessert – Oreo ice cream is our favorite to make from scratch. Whatever you decide to choose, make sure it’s simple and not too heavy on the baking end as baking can be stressful if you’re not familiar with the particulars.
  7. Play Truth or Dare – This is an oldie but a goodie, that can certainly be more fun playing as an adult, especially if you put a theme on the dares or questions.

What is your favorite inexpensive date night?

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25 Inexpensive Date Night Ideas

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