Are You Stupid If You Stay After Your Partner Cheated

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“Oh God! Not me! Why me?”

Coming to terms with the fact that your spouse or partner has cheated on you is perhaps one of the worst feelings ever. But once you know what has happened, how do you react to it? And more importantly, do you shut out that person from your life completely or do you try to make things work again? That is a very tough decision to make because it reflects a lot on your own character, on how you deal with things, and what message you want to pass on to your kid, if you have one.

Your partner cheated. Should you give a second chance?

Most of us would agree that we all deserve a second chance. But at the same time, we also know that giving a second chance is not always easy. While on one hand, many would argue that everyone should have the opportunity to mend a situation, at least for once, others would say that once your trust is broken, a relationship makes no sense. Which one is correct? I would say, both. Each logic is right from its own perspective. However, that being said, I would also say that whether or not you should give your partner a second chance would also depend on your own situation.

Ask yourself, does your partner deserve a second chance?

Remember, like respect, a second chance should be earned. Is your partner genuinely remorseful and understands the mistake? Is your partner ready to really play his/ her part to make the relationship work?
If you think that the answer to all these questions is yes, then maybe you should consider giving your partner a second chance.

But, will giving a second chance make you look stupid?

That can only happen if you think you are being stupid. And when can that be? When you know for sure that your partner does not deserve a second chance. However, if you are convinced that your partner is truly sorry, offering a second chance would talk a lot about your integrity and strength.
It takes a lot of courage to pull yourself together and try and get back to the ‘normal.’ Moreover, if you think your partner is ready to play his/ her part, sticking to the relationship might be more rewarding in the long term. However, you should be clear to yourself—when you say you are ready to forget and forgive, you should actually try to do just that. Yes, it I difficult, but it is also your attitude and your willingness to let go of the past that will decide the future of your relationship.

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Are You Stupid If You Stay After Your Partner Cheated

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