Why Self-Care is Vital / A How to Starter Guide to Self-Care


Sherley is a Haitian-American flight attendant who served eight years in the US Army Reserve. Her journey with Femme Naturelle began in 2012 as a way to build a safe space, a community to uplift and empower women in relationships transitioning out of crisis. She resides in New Jersey with her husband and two children.

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Why Self-Care is Vital / A How to Starter Guide to Self-Care

This article was written by Lynn Joseph on behalf of Sherley Altidor

It’s been quite some time since I’ve written a post. This was my last post that I posted to the blog other than a fashion post 10 Ways To Regain Trust After You Have Cheated

When you go this long without blogging, people begin to ask, “Is she closing up shop?” I’m here to tell you that the answer is No. No such thing is happening, I simply needed to take time off for self-reflection and self-care. Check out my post on How To Live A Positive Life

Battling my own personal demands within the last ten months while trying to also remain as strong as possible actually made me feel as though my life was upside down. While it may have looked like everything was fine from the outside, I felt like I was not in control of anything. Everything was falling apart. I don’t like being this vulnerable, for fear of not being seen as strong. But I cannot be of help to others if I do not speak from an authentic place. Why The World Doesnt Need A Women

It is so important that my mental and emotional thoughts are functioning in a healthy manner because I am no good to myself or to others if I am not at my best. Your best radiates all around you. Your best is contagious so it is important to take note of the energy that we put into the world. There is so much that we are in control of when it comes to taking ownership of our time spent. So here are ten super easy and time-sensitive ways for anyone to decompress and get in the right frame of mind for self-care. The reset, the refresh.  Also check out How To Be In Control Of Your Happiness

1) Pray

Whether it’s while making coffee and multi-tasking or taking a moment to sit down and focus on what you’re going to say, expressing your gratitude outwardly and examining what you value most matters. Acknowledging the good helps put life into perspective and it also pushes not only your life but the lives of those all around you to continue an even greater cycle of positivity.

2) Mediate

There are plenty of meditation apps to help you with this process. Download and try a few to see which one is right for you.

3) Spend Time Alone

Whether it’s treating yourself to a solo outing or taking the time to rest at home, find a way to spend time simply enjoying your own company. Simple Lifestyle Changes That Can Help You Deal With Stress Better

4) Spend Time With Like-Minded People

Associate with people who not only want the best for themselves and those around them but are actively moving towards bettering themselves and their circle. This laser focus will keep you in check.

5) No Social Media

Cut off all forms of social media for a specific time of day, the entire day, a week, or even a month hiatus. If you need to ease your way into it, start by turning off all of your notifications to test if that helps you not reach for your phone as often. Break the codependency.

6) Change Habits

The saying goes that it takes 21 days to form a habit. Take stock of the habits you’ve been meaning to adjust and check in with yourself every 7 days as you push forward in enacting the necessary changes.

7) Exercise

There are so many different ways to get the blood flowing. It may take some time but it is so worth it physically, mentally, and spiritually to find the workout that will stimulate you and keep you sound. Whether it’s a twenty minute workout, fifteen minute jog, paid hour class, etc… there are more work out options than ever before when it comes to accessibility. Research exercise options near you and remember to take advantage of the free outdoors when the weather is appropriate.

8) Forgive yourself

Taking the time to invest in therapy, if only for a season, and unpack the things that may keep you from forgiving yourself could change the course of the rest of your life for the better.

9) Protect yourself 

Pay attention to what triggers you into descending into chaos and make a note to block, mute, walk away from, or protect yourself in any way that you need to from people, places, and moments that make you regress into the person that you aim to leave behind. Protecting yourself now from the small things helps decrease/prevent a lifetime of fending off the bigger things.

10) Love yourself

Find your love language and examine ways that you can optimize the opportunities for you to put into action the verb of love. Be mindful and be loud in the way that you love.

What are some ways that you enact self-care?

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Why Self-Care is Vital / A How to Starter Guide to Self-Care

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