How To Make Love Last; Is There A Secret?

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Do you ever feel that after a few years down the line, your relationship with your partner isn’t that exciting anymore?

Unfortunately, it is very common. But isn’t that natural? I mean, even a roller coaster ride wouldn’t feel the same if you rode it every day, right? However, if you ask me, I think that what’s more important in a long-term solid relationship, more than all the excitement and thrills, is the fact that you love each other’s company, even if it means just watching the TV together. A sudden gush of the adrenaline is not equal to love, which I think, is deeper and has the power to withstand many difficult situations. However, being in love and making a relationship count need solid work. Here are a few things that can help:

1. Show that you care

When we are in a relationship for a long time, we tend to take each other for granted. And this often leads to us not being nice to one another any more. However, that is not the right approach. Everyone wants to be pampered and loved. What’s more, you don’t have to shower lavish gifts on your partner to show that you care about him/ her. It is often the little things that go a long way in making any relationship better. If you love someone, show that too. Express your love. Say “I Love You” often. Do things that your partner loves. Maybe cook the dinner? Bake a cake?

2. Go for date nights

It is really important that you ‘catch up’ with each other’s life. You will be surprised when you realize how often we don’t know what the other person is going through even after living in the same house! Date nights will help you relax, slow down, talk to each other, and really know what’s going on. You may even be able to talk about things that may have been bugging you about each other! But do that with caution because you don’t want to return home fighting.

3. Eat together

If it is possible, dine together more often. Sometimes, due to our nature of jobs and shifts we cannot do this simple thing but if you can, don’t miss it. Eating as a family will help each one spend quality time together. What’s more, research shows that family dinners often lead to healthier food choices. So that’s a win-win situation!

4. Watch what you say

Before you say anything to your partner, even when you are angry, just think how it would make him/ her feel. Sometimes, words hurt more than anything else in the world. Also, don’t say things that may question your partner’s integrity or bring humiliation.

5. Appreciate more often

We all love a little pat on the back from time to time. Don’t miss an opportunity to appreciate your partner when you can. It is sad but true that we often spend more time in finding faults and forget all the good things that had once made us fall in love with each other.

Any lasting relationship is the result of hard work and not just chance. People just don’t magically evolve into doting, understanding couple. Plus, remember that love only thrives where there is respect. So, respect each other and be each other’s best friend and there won’t be an occasion to regret.

What’s your take on this matter? Let me know in the comment below.

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How To Make Love Last; Is There A Secret?

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