There are positives and negatives to the word “Strong” when it comes to labelling a women as such. A woman is often punished for her strength (physically, financially, mentally, emotionally) when others are intimidated. A woman is seen as difficult and unlikable when she stands firm in expressing the full spectrum of emotions…that we all have. But the negatives are almost always about another person’s insecurities and inability to see the complexities in those who aren’t like them. So if you ever think that you should change to fit into someone else’s idealized version of you, don’t.

The Social Media Platforms Bloggers Need
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Before we dive in, it’s important to understand right away that the social media platforms bloggers need are the social media platforms that you, the individual blogger, feel most comfortable navigating on a regular basis. Because consistency is key. It’s near impossible to gain a social media following and grow your audience without consistency and that only comes when you are passion about what you’re doing. So the below platforms are necessary but only if you’re going to give it your all. You don’t necessarily have to be on every social media platform, but it’s in your best interest to have a presence on all of them and update them all periodically while finding the one or two of those platforms that will be your main source of enjoyment and interaction.

While there is no obvious connection between feminine hygiene and BV, research often connects douching with BV. So, it’s best to avoid doing it in the first place. Since the secret to avoiding BV is maintaining a healthy pH level in the vagina, you can attempt to achieve that by avoiding doing anything that disrupts the healthy makeup. For instance, certain soaps might upset this balance. Always opt for mild or unscented, natural soaps. It might take a few days to get used to using natural products, which aren’t buried in non-essential ingredients, but it’s worth finding the product that suits you. Let your skin breathe. Your entire body will thank you.

“New Year, New Me” What Does That Mean
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Maybe you’ve always wanted to incorporate a more extravagant form of self care, like going to a spa once every season. Maybe you’re interested in checking out more books from the library. Maybe you want to take a business class. Maybe you have always wanted to invest in yourself but the “new” comes into play when you actually take steps to make it happen. If that’s new to you. There’s nothing wrong with trying and trying again. It’s not necessarily new and calling it something new and shiny may not always work in your favor. You have to decide how you move best moving forward. You have to determine the language that best suits the path that you are taking because words have power and staying in the “New” may keep you from steady growth, steady opportunity.

How To Not Be Naive
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In the ideal world, people would never take advantage of simplicity. But unfortunately, we have not been handed down the ‘ideal’ world. Especially if you are a woman and/or Black, Indigenous, another person of color, or marginalized in any way. In our world, we need to be extra cautious, alert, and prepared for anything (not just the good but the bad too, no matter how much we would rather not think about it). We are affected by everything around us, whether we realize it or not. Having the ability to anchor ourselves in wisdom will no doubt guide us as we find ourselves in situations where it pays not to be naïve. While the saying, “ignorance is bliss” may work at times and may very well be a blessing in disguise, more often than not, ignorance is a lie that we cannot bear to keep.

Why More Than One Stream of Income is Important
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You might be able to create enough side hustles to the point where one stream of income is solely for saving, another for investing, and another for spending. Or perhaps you’re thinking of multiple streams of income so that one stream goes straight to your student loans. Or simply to have enough emergency savings for six months to a year at the least. The different streams of income and what you’re using that income for varies by person. As for the former, we’re not simply talking working multiple jobs here. The goal is to create a stream (or multiple streams) of income that work while you’re not. This way, you’re not waiting on a raise or bonus that may never come or may be delayed at a time when you need more finances flowing your way. This way, business continues throughout the day, making you money even when you’re away.