Why We Should Talk About The Vagina

This article was written by Tania Bhattacharya on behalf of Sherley Altidor.

Making sure you are taking proper care of your vagina!  Yes, ladies you may wonder why am I talking about this?  But the truth is there are some women that do not know proper vaginal care.  “How in the heck does a women not know what to do.”  Lets talk about that.  The vaginas acidity level should be between 3.5 – 4.5 which is a sign of good bacteria which is called lactobacilli.

PH Changes in the Vagina

A few of the typical Changes that can cause your (Ph) to be throw off-balance, are your menstrual cycle, sperm, and your diet.  When the acidity or alkalinity of the vagina is off  it can be very unpleasant.

Lets dissect all three of these.


The vagina is acidic and sperm is alkaline.  Bacteria vaginosis is caused by over growth of bacteria, generally gardnerella vaginalis.  BV is not a sexually transmitted disease.  Sperm is just one of the factors that play a role in BV.  Causing change in the number of microbes, which makes you more prone to infection.


Yes, what you are consuming plays a role.  I am going to make this simple for you, balance your diet.  Do you have to be a health freak, not at all.  Be mindful of what you are digesting. Most importantly substitute soda for water and drink plenty of water.


When it comes to your period, you may be a little perplex.  How could that be, your body is cleansing itself, every month.  The estrogen levels become high during your period which will reduce your good bacteria.

Since we are on the period subject, please remember douching is a big no after your period or sex.  It takes away all the good bacteria that your body naturally produces.


Also if you already suspect that something is going on it is important that you call your GYN and set an appointment immediately.  If you suspect you have BV, that can be  identified by a fishy smell, you must be prescribed antibiotics. The methods below will not be affective.

  • Yogurt yes if you eat at least one a day that has ACTIVE cultures it will help.  The second thing you can do with plain yogurt is use it vaginally.  If you are going that method make sure it is always plan yogurt.

  • >Oral are over the counter supplements that you take.

  • Vagina it is important for you to know the good and the bad.  You should not be douching, taking something orally is not enough to help fight infection.  One that was referred to me by my GYN is Luvena, which will help restore the moisture of your vagina.

Make sure you are taking proper care of your V.  Taking a shower every day does not prevent a Yeast Infection or BV.  Keeping yourself educated is very important.  Make sure you schedule your yearly GYN appointments and talk to them about any issues that you may have.

This information is not a cure for BV, these are all preventive actions to help prevent constant recurrences.  Every womens’ sensitivities are different and it does not make you abnormal, but proper care is very important.

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Why We Should Talk About The Vagina

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