Why I Love Life At 35,000 Feet
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Why I Love Life At 35,000 Feet

This article was written by Tania Bhattacharya on behalf of Sherley Altidor.

I am happy that I made the decision to apply for the job that I was thinking about for a long time, just because of fear I never applied.

Flight Attendant

I assumed that I would not fit their criteria as a “Flight Attendant”.

After a trip to Atlanta, GA in 2012 and watching the Flight Attendant the entire plane ride (of course I did not make it obvious, that I was watching her every move, like a crazy person) I immediately got home and applied, 5 months later I was hired and would be leaving for training.

Why I Love Life At 35,000 Feet

I love my job! Must people cannot say that about their place of employment. I am human and I do have my days.  I may run into different challenges of the day that can switch my mood.  Without a doubt, I enjoy going to work.  It is a rewarding feeling to work.

I have never been a 9 to 5 type of girl.  I need to work different days, different times, and variety in my work schedule. A different place, various people, time zone changes, and sometimes switching aircrafts, suites me perfectly.

The life of a flight attendant

I fly both domestic and international flights and have been places that I would  have never thought of going. I have met and seen so many people, in so many walks of life. When you have a long layover you have the opportunity to do whatever you want within that time frame.  I try to take advantage of my time as much as I can. I am being paid to sight see.  If I wanted to sleep and be lazy that is another option and I AM STILL ON THE JOB!!!

It is not all fun and games.  The serious aspect of my job is an unplanned or planned emergency.  We do not just serve drinks or offer food and snacks.  Of course our goal is to provide a phenomenal experience while on the plane.  Greet you with a smile and make you feel welcomed.  As flight attendants we are always on alert while on the job, for any issues that may take place on board the plane.  We can not predict when an emergency will happen.  When I am working all my senses are heighten.  Paying attention to everything and everyone.

It is important to do something that you love, it makes a tremendous difference.  Your attitude and your mental thought process will change.  We all have to work but going to a job that brings you sadness and anger is not healthy.  Do what you love and love what you do.

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Why I Love Life At 35,000 Feet

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