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Rick & Yana: How To Tap Into Fulfillment In Our Marriage
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On today’s episode a husband and wife’s coach team brings us insight in how to tap into fulfillment in our marriage. Rick and Yana are transformational marriage coaches who helps women find the deep connection to their partner while building a deep connection with themselves.  True connection and true partnership is the fairy tale we all want, but it’s hard work. We all need support in our marriage and asking for it is the first step.  Are you currently in a marriage and wanting more? Do you want to tap into a heart-centered and conscious way of loving your partner?  Tune in to this week’s episode to learn more about how can incorporate small changes that can make a big difference.

Holly Hughes: Infidelity/Fidelity
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On today’s episode we sit down with Holly Hughes and hear her story of her starter marriage. How when she looks back, all the red flags she saw when they dated, were the exact reason she ended up getting a divorce.  The excitement and thrill of new and fun relationships. The temptations of workplace flirting, the degrees of flirtation, and when you’ve taken it too far.  Coming out of a place of insecurity, emotional abuse, and lack of self love. The craving of wanting love and flirtation no matter where it is coming from, even when she knew it was wrong.  Tune it to listen to the stories about bad vs. evil, and how we can grow from our mistakes.

Jennifer & Stephanie on Loving With Purpose
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In this episode, we talk with our special guests, Jennifer & Stephanie who are Quantum Relationship Coaches in the LGBTQ community. We start out getting to know Jennifer and Stephanie before they crossed paths as well as when they met and married before diving into a discussion on children, the American dream, societal expectations, and unconscious connections. For an encouraging story on self love, healthy living, community and loving with purpose, be sure to listen to this episode.

What Marriage Means From a Divorced Woman Part 2
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Continuing our discussion about marriage from a divorced woman’s point of view, Sherley, Kira, and special guest, Alicia Hawthorne dive deeper. You’re in for a great discussion on red flags, believing the best in our other half, parents and trauma, staying or going different paths, grieving, counseling, happiness and more. We close with the reminder of being grounded in who you are because marriage is not a game and the importance of tapping into our source of peace.

What Marriage Means From a Divorced Woman Part 1
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No one gets married and wants to get a divorce. How does one get to that point? Should you only get married once? Why is divorced so shameful? Your vows include the phrase, “till death do us part.” Does that mean forever? In this episode, we discuss all of this plus bittersweet lessons from divorce, rebuilding and preparing for the next relationship, living together before marriage with our guest, Alicia Hawthorne who provides insight and guidance on life after divorce.