What Is The Point Of Using Natural Products


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What Is The Point Of Using Natural Products

This article was written by Tania Bhattacharya on behalf of Sherley Altidor.

Centuries back, in the ancient land of Egypt, there ruled a queen whose beauty was to be a legend in all the years to come. She was Cleopatra. The woman about whom Shakespeare in his Anthony and Cleopatra says, ‘Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale/ Her infinite variety…’. Battles were fought, kingdoms were lost, men were conquered and many such events occurred which were all buried in the sands of history. But even now what lives on is the story of the legendary beauty queen of all generations, Cleopatra, the woman who ruled the hearts of the two most powerful men of her time and who is still considered to be the paragon of quintessential beauty.

Skincare Secrets

So what was her secret? What went in to the creation of such eternal appeal? The most popular stories say that she used to bathe in milk and honey. Milk contains lactic acid which can benefit the skin in a number of ways. Honey, however, is a humectant. This means it attracts water from the atmosphere and hence is an excellent moisturizer. Add these two factors to your daily skin care and you get your first key to unlock the age-old beauty secrets.

It seems that what were true thousands of years back remain so even to this day. After all, we humans have hardly changed essentially. The simple ingredients that worked back then can spell magic for your skin and hair even today. And if Cleopatra herself is not enough to convince you to go natural, here is a quick list of some more reasons why treating yourself to the natural ingredients is still the best.

You know what goes into your skin or hair:

When you mix honey, coconut oil and lemon juice and use it as a moisturizer, you exactly know what you are putting on your skin. So no more guessing if the ingredients in your moisturizer are really what you or your skin would love. And the joy of being your beauty consultant just adds on.

You never run out of stock of products:

Most ingredients are very easily available right in your kitchen. Need to clean your face? Mix flour and milk. Want an instant shine in your hair? Mix lemon with water and use it as your last rinse. You suddenly discover that your refrigerator has absolutely no beauty-worthy material? No problem. Just get some sleep and you will wake up to look as fresh as ever!

Time tested: 

Although experiments are always going on, most of the homemade beauty recipes have been handed down through the ages. They made their way confidently from one grandma to another and so you can really count on them.

Almost never a side-effect:

Natural ingredients and pure and hence are always the best choice.  Since you are involved in the making process you can always avoid things that you are allergic to. So, you would never use peanuts if you are prone to an allergy and so never really have to worry about side-effects.


Now this is the best part. There are many homemade skin and hair care recipes that are not only easy to make but also involve the use of very easily available ingredients. Most of these are available right in your kitchen and hence need little or no extra investment!

It takes nothing to go natural other than a bit of patience and a genuine interest in it. Try it to love it.


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What Is The Point Of Using Natural Products

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