Appreciating Every Moment Of Their Life

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Thursday night we attended the school winter concert.  This is not my first concert and it will not be my last.  The concerts have been the same routine every year, Kindergarten to sixth grade.  All the kids are excited to perform and sing their hearts out.

Appreciating Every Moment Of Their Life


I cherish their life and try to capture the moment by snapping a picture.  At times, or I should say, many times they don’t want their picture taken.  Thursday was an evening that consisted of are routine afternoon adventures.  Once I picked the kids up from school we immediately headed over to gymnastics.  My son started to do his homework in the car so that he can have more playtime once we get there.

Normally after gymnastics we would go home finish up any homework that needs to be done and eat dinner.  That has already been prepared the day before or in the morning.  Parenting involves good time management, so that you don’t lose your mind.  So I am always thinking days ahead, for nights like Thursday.  We came home for literally 20 minutes to change our clothes and head right back out to attend the concert.  Keep in mind the school is 30 minutes from our home.

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Right before we left the house I was able to snap three pictures before the concert.  I wanted to take more but that is all they wanted to give me.  My son was smiling like a clown before this picture was taken.  Once the camera is pointed towards him, this is what he gives, straight face and a hardcore pose.  If he is not his father’s child I don’t know what to call it.

The memories will not stop.  The days will be hectic.  I have more concerts to attend, pictures to take, practices, events, birthday parties, and the list goes on. I have days that I just want to lock myself in the closet, literally.  Parenting is not easy and you are doing it 24/7 no overtime pay, no time in half and no days off.  I would not change it for anything else, appreciate your children, they grow up fast.

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Appreciating Every Moment Of Their Life

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