Five Plants Any Natural Lover Should Grow

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Honestly, not all of us are cut out for gardening. I am one of them.  For some, it’s the proverbial green thumb that simply doesn’t exist and for many others, it’s the time that they cannot squeeze out of their busy schedule. Time for fact checking:  there are many plants that are very easy to grow and do not need any lavish care. BONUS: many are great for the skin and hair too. Let’s take a look at five such plants that can add immense benefit to your beauty regimen:

Natural Skincare Plants

Aloe Vera:

This plant needs no introduction to anyone who is even remotely beauty conscious. You can even find it as a necessary ingredient in many of my face packs that I have discussed earlier in this blog. For the uninitiated, aloe vera is a super-hydrating and moisturizing agent. It can even double as a skin soother and your go-to aftershave treatment. Growing aloe vera is pretty easy and using it is easier. Just cut open a leaf and scoop out the gel. Use it directly on your skin or mix it to a DIY beauty pack.


Those bright yellow flowers will not only brighten up a little corner in your home but when added to your beauty routine will also treat anything from a dry and damaged skin to wounds. Although a low maintenance plant, remember that it doesn’t like too much sun. Just keep it in a shaded spot. You can use the oil or water infusion method to extract all the benefits from the yellow petals. If you are in the mood to take a short cut, simply add the flower heads to your bath and soak in all the amazing benefits.


All it needs is a sunny location and well-drained soil. You can use the leaves for spot treatment. Mix a paste of cilantro leaves and lemon juice in equal parts and use it on your blackheads and whiteheads. Leave it on for three to five minutes and wash it off.


Since thyme needs plenty of sun and dry soil, now may be a good time to start if you are planning to grow this plant. You can grow it indoors, but remember to keep it in a sunny spot. Once you have those lush green leaves, soak them in apple cider vinegar for two weeks. Just strain the mixture and use the liquid to treat pimples or as a natural toner.

Rose Balsam:

Here is your secret for super-healthy nails. Just like thyme, you need to soak rose balsam in vinegar for full fourteen days. Soak your nails in the solution to fight nail fungus. Make it part of your bedtime ritual for faster benefits.

Did you find this information helpful? Will you grow any of these in your backyard? Let us know.  

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Five Plants Any Natural Lover Should Grow

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