Daily Skincare Routine
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Daily Skincare Routine

This article was written by Lynn Joseph on behalf of Sherley Altidor

I love my skin because it’s healthy. It’s had its ups and downs but the beauty of skincare is being able to be in tune with your body on a level that so many people take for granted. When we pay attention to what we eat, drink plenty of water, wash our face, protect our face, and exercise, the results will not only show but make you glow.

When I joined the military, my body was not prepared for what basic training had in mind for me. My skin took a hit, the stress manifesting each day on my face. I knew almost immediately that I needed to find a solution to reset my skincare and maintain from that moment on. It wasn’t long before I found what was right for me.

For me, that’s where Aquaphor comes in. Aquaphor is such a simple protection for my skin. It eliminates the need for dozens of skincare products scattered throughout the bathroom. It moisturizes the skin and as a flight attendant, that’s what I yearn for. Flying high in the air really dries out the skin so I need to make sure that my skin stays hydrated. Aquaphor Healing Ointment is a lifesaver. I always have it in my purse. My husband, son and daughter also have their own Aquaphor products after seeing the great success that it’s been for me over the years. When they start running out of product, they lean to me and ask me to get them more. It never fails. I think it’s safe to say that Aquaphor is a staple in our home and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I hope it becomes a staple in the homes of everyone who needs it because it really is a boost of self confidence when it comes to what clear skin will do for an individual. You feel like you can conquer the day. It’s one less aspect about what you bring to the table that you don’t have to worry about. Aquaphor takes all of that worry away.

The best part is, that’s not the only Aquaphor product that’s made its way into the house…and travels with me. Aquaphor Ointment Body Spray has a permanent spot in my luggage as well. I use the spray generously from head to toe in the morning and I’m moisturized all day long. I don’t find myself having to reapply a number of times throughout the day like I used to with other products. It’s so hard to find a product that will truly moisturize all day long but I’ve found the product that works best with my skin and does just that. Best of all, it’s a spray so it is super easy to apply, especially on the back which you know is typically harder to reach.

Skincare is so important, in all seasons, in all weather conditions. Being prepared to moisturize with Aquaphor, no matter the conditions that come your way has saved my skin on more days than I can count. I highly recommend checking out Aquaphor if you haven’t tried it yet. Or simply enacting more responsibility when it comes to keeping your skin moisturized. Because skin care products are great but you get the most out of it when you work hand in hand with what it has to offer. So fill up your reusable water bottle on your way to the store as you pick up Aquaphor.

Be sure to leave in the comments what your favorite Aquaphor product is if you’ve tried it or which product you’re interested in checking out!

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