Sahara: Sexual Assault
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This week on the Femme Parler Podcast we’re happy to welcome Sahara. Sahara talks about her sexual experiences and how they have shaped her life.  Looking back on her childhood experiences and sexual relationships in the past, she dives into why the patterns that had continued to repeat themselves.  Do you have a pattern of behaviors that stem from your childhood or early adolescent sexual experiences?  Sahara gives us insight into her own story and how even now, her past and present relationships have shaped her future relationships and who she is to her core.  Learn how to turn bad experiences into something positive. Don’t chalk bad experiences up to a loss, turn them into something meaningful.

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Hi, I am Sahara Leigh and I am a Soul Alchemist.

What is a Soul Alchemist you ask?

Well, to put it bluntly, I help folks turn their shit into gold!

But to fully understand what I do, you need to know where I came from.

Modern medicine failed me.

As an Athlete and Dancer, I pushed my body and turned it into a well-oiled machine.  Or so I thought.  What I couldn’t see was the damage I was doing with my diet and lifestyle.  I was ignorant to how my everyday mundane choices were slowly, literally, killing me.  But Life is a lesson, and after many, many, many faceplants, I finally realized that I could use everything around me to bring myself back into harmony and back to myself.

I could use every failure to FREE myself!

And now it is my mission to help others do the same!

I teach folks how to use the everyday, mundane aspects of their lives and selves to create their most magical lives possible.  Using Ayurveda, EnergyWork, and BodyWork, I show you how everything you touch is a tool that moves you closer to, or further from, your Authentic Self.   You can build your dream reality if you know how to use the tools of your life.

My work helps people overcome their past in order to create the best version possible of their future. We are all wounded, we are all perfectly imperfect, we are all exactly where we need (and have chosen) to be.

My questions to you are…

Are you ready to take full responsibility for your existence?

Are you ready to stop hiding?

Are you ready to suss out all the places you are lying to yourself?

Are you ready to heal?

Are you ready to live?

Are you ready to know yourself?

Be part of a awesome community where we uplift each other!

It is a space created where women will be provided with guidance and encouragement: specifically, I want to speak to women transitioning out of a crisis in their relationships. I’m going to help you learn how to be the best individual that you can be. I feel that by hearing real, raw conversations and teachings from women that made a leap to regain their power after a crisis and chase a better life. I will encourage you to step out of fear and into faith

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