Why There Is No Alternative To Economic Self-sufficiency

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Divorce is a part of life

None of us like to think about divorce, accident, or death because they are never a part of our ‘plan.’ However, sh*ts happen and that is why whether you like it or not, you got to be prepared. As a woman, your economic self-sufficiency should be a priority, and in fact, a mandatory part of your life. While many of us may have to opt out of work for personal or familial issues or for taking care of a child, it may not always be a wise thing to do. Here are a few reasons why:

a) Divorce and death are a part of life

A marriage may not work out or worse still something unfortunate might happen, causing death to a partner. With the sole earning member gone, what happens next?

b) Accidents may take ugly turns

Sometimes, an accident doesn’t take a life, but it does takeaway the future. What if something terrible happened to your partner and he is not able to work and earn anymore? Your source of family income will dry up overnight, making it very difficult for you to cope with the situation.

c) Your partner may lose his job

The times are bad now. We have not yet fully recovered from the last recession and many experts predict that another one will hit the global market very soon. What if your partner or spouse loses his job.

Always have a Plan B

There are many other reasons how things might go wrong, leaving you desperate and broken. That is why you must have a Plan B— economic self-sufficiency. Only, you must not think of it as your Plan B, an alternative that you can resort to if and when things go wrong. You must make it your Parallel Plan A. Here are a few things to consider.

  1. Complete your education and make yourself suitable for the workforce.

  2. Save money. Make it a habit.

  3. Always have a way to earn money.

  4. Even if you have to leave a regular job, choose an alternative way like a business.

  5. Look for work-from-home options.

A few things to remember:

  1. Put yourself first. It might sound selfish, but it is important.

  2. Do not neglect your dreams and ambitions.

  3. If you are in a relationship that needs you to make a lot of compromises, maybe you should rethink it.

  4. Keep working, it’s important for yourself and your family.

  5. Keep dreaming because that’s what will make everything else possible.

Stay focused. Stay beautiful inside and out.

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Why There Is No Alternative To Economic Self-sufficiency

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