Why Should You Let Your Kids Spend More Time With Their Grandparents

This article was written by Tania Bhattacharya on behalf of Sherley Altidor.

For many American households, grandparents function as the primary caregiver for the kids. In case you are wondering how many, a 2016 pbs.org article puts the number at 2.7 million in the US alone who raise their grandkids. Experts believe that this trend is here to stay.  It comes as no surprise that grandparents have a day dedicated to them. However, the real question is, should you let your kids spend more time with their grandma and granddad? Will too much time translate into too much of attention and too many gifts that conflict with your parenting principles? It is natural to feel skeptical at times, but many still believe that spending quality time with grandparents actually do a world of good. Here is a short list:

1. Grandparents have time, which we as parents often don’t:

Working parents know how hard it is to fit in everything within the allotted 24 hours’ time. Work-life balance is almost a myth for at least five days a week and the weekends are chock-a-block with to-do lists— laundry, grocery shopping, ironing— you name it. Although we try our best to spend quality time with our kids, the question is, can we? That is exactly where grandparents can step in. They can fill in the ‘void.’ Although I am in no way suggesting that they can ‘replace’ parents, grandparents can, without a doubt, offer the time and attention that kids need.

2. Grandparents are the best caregivers:

It is such a relief to know that your kid is in safe hands. Grandparents not only ensure that their grandkids get all the essentials but also supervise and monitor their activities. If you want to limit screen time for your kids, talk to your parents about it and request them to follow it. Encourage them to play together so that your kids stay away from gadgets while enjoying their time doing something that’s more worthwhile— bonding with their family.

3. Grandparents can teach life lessons:

Your kids will learn more from their grandparents than you can imagine because grandparents don’t just pass on some extra cookies and candies, they also teach them valuable life lessons. Money management, gardening, and cooking are a few things that kids can easily learn from their grandparents. Plus, grandma and grandpa are often master storytellers, and before you know, you will hear your kids narrating your special childhood memories. And there is hardly anything more exciting than going back in time on the wings of your kids’ stories.

We think that grandparents rock. What do you think? Tell me in the comments below.

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Why Should You Let Your Kids Spend More Time With Their Grandparents

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