The Social Media Platforms Bloggers Need


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The Social Media Platforms Bloggers Need

This article is all about The Social Media Platforms Bloggers Need

This article was written by Lynn Joseph on behalf of Sherley Altidor.

Nowadays, when networking or telling people about your blog, the person on the other end will typically ask, aside from “What’s your blog?” if you’re on Twitter or Instagram. They’ll usually ask about the social media platform of their choice. There’s a reason that the same handful of social media platforms are so important. There’s a reason why they work. In fact, there are many. So that’s what we’re going to talk about today. The social media platforms that bloggers need and why they are so vital.

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The Social Media Platforms Bloggers Need

Before we dive in, it’s important to understand right away that the social media platforms bloggers need are the social media platforms that you, the individual blogger, feel most comfortable navigating on a regular basis. Because consistency is key. It’s near impossible to gain a social media following and grow your audience without consistency and that only comes when you are passion about what you’re doing. So the below platforms are necessary but only if you’re going to give it your all. You don’t necessarily have to be on every social media platform, but it’s in your best interest to have a presence on all of them and update them all periodically while finding the one or two of those platforms that will be your main source of enjoyment and interaction.


Of course, there’s Twitter. Twitter is a great tool because with the right engagement and enticing tweets (there is a limited number of characters that you can use to get your point across), you can gain a great following on this platform. It’s important to not only join Twitter to make your blog more visible, but it’s actually more important to create a community on this platform. People who support one another on Twitter go much farther than the people who only promote themselves and don’t really interact with others. So if you’re going to use this platform, have fun with it. Be yourself and do not hold back. That way, when it is time for you to tweet about one of your blog posts, you will already have a built in audience of people with similar interests or people who are more inclined to take a look, and that will generate more clicks.

You can learn how to write a great tweet, retweet (“RT”) and engage with all of the right people, but if you’re not genuine and consistent, this will only be a great tool temporarily. The thing about Twitter is that the conversations on this platform are constantly changing. Even within your blog’s set perimeters, there’s always something happening. Whether it’s Film Twitter, Book Twitter, etc…, it’s important to stay connected to the bloggers and influencers in your sphere on Twitter so that you are constantly aware of what’s happening within your community. This may also help spark more blog ideas.

Twitter is about community and even amongst all of the divisiness since 2016 because of the American election, Twitter still has plenty of reasons worth sticking around for. So find your place on this platform and enjoy the ride. It’s not going to be overnight. It may take years for you to grow a following of tens of thousands. But it will be worth it if you play your cards right. With social engagement both inside and outside of your community, Twitter is one of the best platforms to make your blog visible to as wide of an audience as possible.

Don’t be afraid to share blog posts that are timely when something happens in the world and you’ve got a post for that. Evergreen posts are fabulous, but those timely posts may be what help catapult the visibility of your blog. Be shameless in the ways that you share your blog but also make sure there is an even balance between blog promotion and having genuine discourse with those around you. If you want to be part of a community like this, your blog needs Twitter as its main social media platform.


While it is true that Facebook Pages are becoming less and less useful by the day, given how Facebook’s algorithm changed a few years ago, hiding pages unless the user makes it one of their “Top Pages,” not to mention all of the fake Pages on this platform… there is something to be said about Facebook Groups. FB Groups were a thing when Facebook first started. Then they died out a little bit but now they are back in full force.

What’s great about Facebook Groups is that you as the Group Creator get to organize how the Group operates. This is a great space for all of your blog readers who are also Facebook users, since people do still use Facebook. Your Facebook Group can act as a community of your readers, a street team, or whatever you like. These people set out to find and join your Group, so you know that they are interested in communing with other readers of your blog.

Whether your group is open to the public, private, or semi-open in that you get to approve everyone who requests to join, you set the tone for the blog. It’s a great space for your blog readers to find each other and create their own community. This is super helpful if your blog is the type of blog that would one day have meet ups because then you and your readers of similar interests can meet each other and bring the online component to real life. This doesn’t have to be the case if you don’t want to.

It can simply be a place to have a more streamlined discussion with your readers on what’s being written on the blog. It’s almost better than receiving comments on a blog because these readers are dedicated to the blog and have a space where they can talk about what they love without trolls hijacking the conversation. So if you’re still on Facebook, consider nixing a Page and creating a Group for your most loyal readers on this platform so that you can put a face and voice behind the people who are probably your most consistent readers to date. If you want to zero in on the community of your blog readers, you need Facebook Groups.

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Instagram is the most popular visual social media format in the world for a reason. If you use the right hashtags, tag the right companies and people, speak from the heart, and engage with others, you can build a great following around beautiful images.

Think about it. What we see of a person determines the first impression. So if someone is finding your blog through an image, it needs to be a really great first impression. Talk about pressure! Because that’s how you have to think of every single one of your images that you post. How will this reel in more people? You’re going after more likes, more followers, more shares, more engagement. But they key here…it’s all about the aesthetics.

The followers, the shares, the likes will come if you have a vision for the brand of your blog. This is where you get to show off. So don’t hold back. Take creative risks and definitely cross promote. Instagram may eventually even become a tool in which people reach out to you for ads on your Instagram, which you may want to cross promote on your blog (or you can led the link to the blog on your Instagram do the work). So it’s very important to know what kind of message you would like to send about your blog via the visuals that you present as your brand. Because not only are your readers looking, so are people who may possibly want to invest in your blog. You’ve got to look the part and this is The ultimate part to be in it to win it.  If visuals are your strength, you need to be on Instagram.

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Some people might think that Pinterest is no longer trendy so it’s not important but that is definitely not the case. It is far from the truth. Pinterest reigns when it comes to evergreen content. If you make money off of your blog and want to breathe new life into all of the evergreen posts on your blog, I highly suggest making nice graphics and enticing simple and to the point visuals for these posts, making them pinnable on Pinterest.

Bloggers today still have blog posts that go viral on this platform and those posts alone can generate more views and/or money in one month than you may have seen in the entirety of a blog posts’s existence. Do not forget about Pinterest because it is still alive and kicking. So get that evergreen content out and pin those posts. If you want to get your evergreen content out there, Pinterest is where you need to be.

Bottom line, people can see right through anyone who is on social media only to promote something. People can also see through those who are not excited about and comfortable with being on a certain platform. You won’t gain many followers and those followers that you do gain won’t stay with you on that platform if you are not as consistently excited about what you’re putting out as they are about receiving that content. So be sure that the social media platforms that you choose to thrive on are platforms that you want to drive on a daily basis. Make sure that you can do that with a genuine balance of serving what your blog has to offer while also engaging with the people who are reading your blog. It’s a give and take and that balance makes the world go round. So what are your social media options? It’s not a secret what you should be on. You already know these platforms. You simply must dedicate yourself to what works best for you.

What social media platform is most important to you?

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The Social Media Platforms Bloggers Need

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