Femme Naturelle was born after I cut off all of my hair in 2012. When I started my natural journey, I scoured the internet for information on how to take care of my hair. I visited countless websites, blogs, and YouTube channels, so many of which were a tremendous amount of help in aiding me to come into my own self. As the days, weeks and months passed by, it gave me an idea that I, too, could be the one to provide people with information online. I, too, could give a boost of confidence that so many natural bloggers and vloggers had given me. As I began to blog about the life of a natural woman, I realized that I could talk about so much more. Instead of just hair, I could put the spotlight on women’s issues, relationships, skincare, makeup, life, health, parenting, motherhood, etc… The list is endless!

So I decided that my blog, Femme Naturelle’s main focus was going to offer education and be a Female Empowerment and Relationship Podcast + Blog while building a strong community where women can uplift each other. Living in this world can be such a challenge so if I can reach out to one, two or three people and make a positive difference, it’s worth it.

Femme Naturelle includes many personal experiences and life lessons.  I hope that I can answer questions that you may have or provide you with encouragement and guidance on your journey. The only way that I can be of true service is by sharing what I have been through and providing you with factual information that has worked for me. What is most important for me is that after you read an article or listen to a podcast, you leave with new information, a different way of thinking, and/or permission to make the best of your life.

It is only because of you that blogging for Femme Naturelle has become an additional stream of income for me, so I thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting this women movement over the years. Thank you for taking time out of your day to allow me to make you laugh and cry, have the space to be sad or angry, and give you room to voice your opinion. My goal is to give you peace of mind. My goal is to remind you, after you read an article or listent to a podcast episode here, to live these words… the Femme Naturelle slogan: Remember to Be Yourself, Voice Yourself and Love Yourself.