Letica: Mindset Coach
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This week on the Femme Parler Podcast we’re happy to welcome Letica. Letica is a business mindset coach who helps others reach the success and fulfillment they desire.  Letica talks about her past and living in a constant state of survival mode. She now coaches others on how to learn to move from survival mode to thriving mode.  She found this is possible by allowing yourself to process your experience, allowing to forgive, and accept all your experiences.  Your tragic experiences don’t define you and if you’re looking for hope, direction, and motivation. Tune into this week’s episode and the rest of November’s episodes for real stories about women who overcome their traumas, experiences, and past to create a brighter, more powerful future.

Dawn Taylor: Trauma Coaching
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Tune in this week to meet life coach, Dawn Taylor. She takes us on a wild ride through all her past childhood and adolescent trauma. The best part, she comes out stronger.  A story of resilience and bravery. Do you feel like sometimes the bad stuff is only happening to you? Dawn makes you feel seen, but more importantly, not alone.  Dawn is a trauma and life coach. If you’re looking for more information on how to get out of your own way, heal your wounds, rewire your brain, and find the success and joy you’ve been looking for? Look no further…this podcast is for you

Is There a Right Time to Lose Your Virginity
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If losing your virginity is important to you, you will take time to think about what is best for you if you do lose your virginity in this present moment vs. a later date. No one else can tell you what is best for you. There are wiser choices to make if you know that you’re unprepared and ill equipped to handle the possible effects from sex (unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections – STIs and sexually transmitted diseases – STDs, etc…) but ultimately, the decision is yours to make.

Sherese: Business Coach
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This week on the Femme Parler Podcast we’re happy to welcome Sherese. Sherese is a Business Coach who focuses on turning others’ confusion into clarity.  She talks about how she developed a deeper level of compassion and empathy through her experiences and trials. In that moment she had to learn how to dive into her traumas and navigate her new reality.  Have you had an experience that completely changed the direction in your life? Are you lost and looking for direction in your life and business?  Sherese talks about the importance of the law of attraction and how our thoughts have POWER. Changing your mindset can change your life.  If you want more information on her three-step process to help create a better life…tune in to start your path to a more joyous life.

Neha Sonney – Femininity
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In today’s episode our featured guest is Neha, a self love expert. She talks about listening to yourself and breaking free of unwanted patterns. As well as how to build the best relationship with yourself and in return find the most beautiful and deep relationship with your partner.  She dives into Tantra, the art of sacred sex with your significant other. How to be present to receiving, present with your partner, and so much more. The importance of getting out of your head and having the ability to fully receive love.  Learning how to be received not just physically naked but emotionally naked as well.  Do you need to practice more self love? Are you craving a deeper relationship with yourself and your partner? This podcast is for you!