Lisa Santiago: New Beginnings After Tragedy


Sherley is a Haitian-American flight attendant who served eight years in the US Army Reserve. Her journey with Femme Naturelle began in 2012 as a way to build a safe space, a community to uplift and empower women in relationships transitioning out of crisis. She resides in New Jersey with her husband and two children.

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Trigger Warning: Abuse, Molestation 

In this episode, Public Speaker and Spiritual Coach, Lisa Santiago tells us her story from tragedy to triumph. You do not want to miss this episode. Lisa discusses the importance of telling your own story vs. your story being told by others, the significance of knowing and answering your life purpose and our calling and so much more. Through Lisa’s incredible life journey this far, we are inspired to forgive, to see through perspectives that are not solely our own, to be independent, and to understand that regression may come before progression. When we stop and listen to God’s voice, a new beginning opens up. Lisa had to grow up very quickly in her childhood and has so many unforgettable life lessons that everyone needs to hear. Please note that this episode contains discussion of abuse and molestation. 

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Lisa Santiago McNeill also known as the Coach’s Coach is a dynamic and powerful speaker,
visionary and leader. Her unique coaching blend encompassing ‘personal, professional and
spiritual’ practices and life changing messages have provided empowerment to local colleges,
universities, conferences and church groups. Lisa strategically uses global platforms as well, to
inspire and empower her followers on a national level. Her success is has enabled her to assist
thousands of individuals worldwide to find their strength and strategize a plan for their success.
Lisa is also known for elevating the lives of woman into divine order by granting them the
permission to be amazing and by teaching them how to create lucrative and rewarding businesses
with the use of their unique skills, gifts and talents.

Lisa Santiago McNeill is the Founder and President of The Empowerment Center of Charlotte
and the visionary, founder and leader of Women Empowerment Networks (WEN). She is also
affiliated with various organizations such as: Every Woman Can Be, Heartlink, Woman’s
Speaker Bureau and Christian Women In Leadership, to name a few.
Lisa Santiago McNeill is the Founder and CEO of Empowerment Publishing & Multi-media
which publishes stories of overcoming, self-help, personal development as well as children’s
books and provides platforms for the growth, development and expansion of her authors, coaches
and clients through her forums and media outlets such as; The Empowerment Authors Showcase
(and virtual edition), Empowerment Magazine (formerly The Empowerment Authors Showcase
Magazine) and The SIBN Network. She is an international TV/Radio Host for SIBN Network,
she makes up one half of ‘The Empowerment Duo’ and is Co-Host of “Let’s Talk About It”
with husband, Brian K McNeill, host of Woman2Woman and Morning Motivation & Makeup.
To date, Lisa has published over 39 books and she is the Best-Selling Author of Discovering
Your Why: A Journey To Wholeness, children’s books, The Tiniest Acorn and Raised by
Chickens as well as soon to be released: Permission To Be Amazing…Granted!!! The
Heart-Centered Guide to MULTIPLE Streams of Income.

Lisa’s commitment to educate heart-centered coaches to excellence is displayed in her endurance
and willingness to be ready as a continuous learner. Lisa is a DreamBuilder Certified Master
Trainer, Empowerment Coach Certified Master Trainer, a Client Attraction Specialist and Black
Book Publishing Certified. Lisa’s wisdom has afforded her the opportunity to use her gifts and
talents and resources as a Public Speaker, Publisher, Publicist, Producer and a Coach/Trainer.
Love for the community at large and her philanthropic spirit have inspired Lisa Santiago McNeill
to spearhead many volunteer efforts and to engage others to perform community service and acts
of kindness. Her dedication to her community includes, but not limited to, The Community
Drivers Coat Drive from 2015-2017, SuperBigTen Event Toy Drive from 2015-2017, The
Empowerment Circle-Community Outreach, Stroll into Spring 2016 and the Salvation Army
Women’s Outreach.

Lisa’s strength and her compassion for others is contributed to her unwavering love for God. She
is a licensed and ordained minister through Partners to the Promise School, Associate/Affiliate
Minister Pastor at Canaan Worship Center, former Associate Pastor of Redemption Christian
Ministries and Pastor of The Empowerment Center of Charlotte.
Lisa’s outstanding and exemplary works has been rewarded in many different facets: in 2015
Lisa received The Community Drivers Outreach Award, she has also been a Featured Guest on
WDRB Media, a Special Guest on ERGJ Enterprises Black Billionaires Club and Black Woman
Wednesday just to name a few. However, Lisa’s greatest accomplishments and most prized
possessions are her family. She is a loving wife to Brian Keith McNeill, mother, grandmother
and a mentor to many.

Although Lisa has expanded her role from wife, mother, corporate professional, minister,
Life-Coach to Empowerment Coach, Business Development Coach, Keynote Speaker and
Master Trainer her overall goal is to continue to create an enterprise of empowered women by
creating a safe place for woman to tap into their limitless possibilities, embrace their power and
independence and live their lives to the fullest as they fulfill their destiny.

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Femme Parler Podcast is learning and growing every single day. We aim to uplift all marginalized voices both on this podcast and in real life. Please note that we are always striving to change the problematic language that society has internalized in us. Thank you for your patience as we aim to strip certain phrases from our vocabulary. Thank you.

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It is a space created where women will be provided with guidance and encouragement: specifically, I want to speak to women transitioning out of a crisis in their relationships. I’m going to help you learn how to be the best individual that you can be. I feel that by hearing real, raw conversations and teachings from women that made a leap to regain their power after a crisis and chase a better life. I will encourage you to step out of fear and into faith

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