How I Keep My Skin Clear

Keeping a clean fresh face is not easy every women should have a morning and a night routine when it comes to taking care of your face.  Health skin goes a long way and helps in the aging process.

Daily Skincare

First let’s talk about any medical issues that you may have such as acne vulgaris which means common types of acne – blackheads, whiteheads, comedones and the list goes on.  I cannot stress enough  how important it is to discuss any skin issues that you may have because there are many over the counter items that you can buy but if you don’t know what you have how can you treat it?  Please do not play Dr. and try your own remedies.  Let me rewind that after experimenting several times and no change it is time to go see a Dermatologists.

Secondly know what kind of skin you have normal, oily, dry or combination.  It will determine the type of products that you need to use.

Let’s see what I use to keep my skin clear!

Freeman Products That I Use 

St Ives Firming Clay Mask

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