Hello Beauties! Welcome to Femme Naturelle!

I am finally doing my intro that is years over due.
There are so many great things I have planned for 2018. Complete revised website. New things such as Style Gallery, Sherley’s Closet and much more to come.

When I started my ‘natural’ journey, I began looking for information on the web about how to take care of my hair, and the process immediately sparked my interest. I visited countless websites including YouTube, and was impressed by the sea of information available on the topic. Days, weeks, and months passed, and then I had an idea. Why not provide people with information through blogging and vblogging? But I wanted to talk not just about hair, but about many different topics such as women’s issues, relationships, skincare, makeup, life, health, parenting, motherhood, and more. The list I could think of was endless.

I decided that my blog was going to focus on women. Don’t worry men I am not leaving you out. We will talk about you guys too! The main objective of this blog is not just to provide women with information that they are not already receiving elsewhere, but Femme Naturelle’s main focus is building a strong community where people can uplift each other in a positive way. Living in this world can sometimes be a challenge, and if I can reach out and help even one, two, or three people, I will be glad to be making a difference.