Why Femme Naturelle
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Why Femme Naturelle

Hello Beauties! Welcome to Femme Naturelle!

I am finally doing my intro that is years over due.
There are so many great things I have planned for 2018. Complete revised website.  Please click the image below  to read the full story of why I started a blog.

Why Femme Naturelle

When I started my ‘natural’ journey, I began looking for information on the web about how to take care of my hair, and the process immediately sparked my interest. I visited countless websites including YouTube, and was impressed by the sea of information available on the topic. Days, weeks, and months passed, and then I had an idea. Why not provide people with information through blogging and vlogging? But I wanted to talk not just about hair, but about many different topics such as women’s issues, relationships, skincare, makeup, life, health, parenting, motherhood, and more. The list I could think of was endless.

Meet The Founder

What is Femme Naturelle? Click the image to read our story.

Why Femme Naturelle

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Why Femme Naturelle

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