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Bonus – Season One Recap
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This bonus session is a recap of Season One, which revolved around infidelity and forgiveness. Sherley offers important reminders to forgive yourself and more! Plus, Sherley also gives us a hint of Season Two, which is about marriage. The focus for season two will be on marriage from multiple perspectives. Plus, look forward to bonus “Story Time” episodes as well!

Forgiving Others
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how to forgive others

In this episode, we discuss how forgiveness is less for the other person and more for ourselves. Do we only forgive when people deserve it? Is an apology a requirement to forgive someone? What is “Sorry?” Forgiveness allows you to not carry the weight, the burden of anger, hurt and resentment. Forgiveness takes time and may include scars and heartbreak but it is key in a journey of healing. So with all of this said, can we really forgive and forget? What is the value of an apology? How do we expect to have wrongness recognized and acknowledged? How does intention, accountability and understanding play a part? Let’s find out…

A relationship can be very challenging… because it’s not a fairytale. While everyone looks for that perfect partner with no faults, the reality is that no one is perfect. In this episode, Sherley and Kira discuss 3 key ways to help build a solid relationship. There will always be bumps in the road and we are here to help you stop setting down your own. We discuss the importance of being mindful, creating the right barriers, selflessness and communicating.

Femme Parler Podcast Introduction Trailer
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Welcome to Femme Parler Podcast. Each and every week in season one, Sherley and her season one co-host, Kira will chat about how to rise up tall from all types of obstacles that come with relationships. Through personal life experiences and discussions ranging from infidelity, trust, forgiveness, sex, heartbreak, self love, and more, we aim to be a helping hand as you guide your way through any storm in your relationship and reach for peace of mind. We want to cheer you on as you rediscover how to live as selflessly and boldly as possible. So let’s dive in!  Pull up a seat, make sure you’re cozy, and get ready to be challenged and encouraged while you learn to love again with your virtual girlfriends. How can this podcast benefit you? Listen to this introduction to find out!