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Sober Grown Up Talk with Michele Olivier Part 2
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In this episode, we continue our conversation with Michele Olivier as the conversation gets juicier and we follow Michele’s love life across two countries. Michele walks us through meeting her second husband while married to her first husband, both of which were friends at the time. You’ll have to listen to the episode to find out more which is jam packed with an enlightening conversation about infidelity, honoring commitments, investing in relationships, and the importance of sex education. Most importantly, what it means to be responsible for our own happiness.

Sober Grown Up Talk with Michele Olivier Part 1
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In this episode, we talk with our special guest, Michele Olivier as she guides us through her journey with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), fertility, and geriatric pregnancy. This discussion also delves into breastfeeding, sex while raising toddlers at 42, our ususal sex q&a and this episode also includes mentions of cervical cancer and fatphobia in the UK. Ready to get real about the journey to motherhood and how that looks different on everyone? Sit back and relax with Sherley and Michele in part one of this discussion before juicy part two!

Emily Choi Talks Sex & Emotions
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In this episode, we talk with our special guest, host of Anew by Em Podcast, Emily Choi. Sit back and relax for an honest and intimate conversation about sex. Sherley and Emily discuss everything from friends with benefits vs. casual sex and sex before marriage to sexual compatibility, the emotional connection created when sex is involved, initiating sex, and much more.

Bonus – Season One Recap
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This bonus session is a recap of Season One, which revolved around infidelity and forgiveness. Sherley offers important reminders to forgive yourself and more! Plus, Sherley also gives us a hint of Season Two, which is about marriage. The focus for season two will be on marriage from multiple perspectives. Plus, look forward to bonus “Story Time” episodes as well!

Forgiving Others
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how to forgive others

In this episode, we discuss how forgiveness is less for the other person and more for ourselves. Do we only forgive when people deserve it? Is an apology a requirement to forgive someone? What is “Sorry?” Forgiveness allows you to not carry the weight, the burden of anger, hurt and resentment. Forgiveness takes time and may include scars and heartbreak but it is key in a journey of healing. So with all of this said, can we really forgive and forget? What is the value of an apology? How do we expect to have wrongness recognized and acknowledged? How does intention, accountability and understanding play a part? Let’s find out…