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Finding Pleasure Again
By: | Date: August 31, 2021 | Filed Under: Podcast | Tagged Under:

In this episode, we talk with our special guest, Author & Intuitive Healer, Holly Hughes. This conversation is for all of the mothers out there looking to navigate a sex life with small children. This episode is for everyone trying to find pleasure again, trying to still come into their femininity. This episode is for all of those who relate to body image issues, introducing SM (sadism and masochism) into the bedroom, standards, and having a healthy sex life as you age. This episode is for people who relate to trying to be able to relax while masturbating. This episode is for You! Yes, you! Holly also shares her experience previously working in the entertainment industry and how sex scenes work on set. This conversation goes everywhere so settle in for a supersize edition of the podcast as we talk with Holly about finding pleasure.

Trigger Warning: Rape

Being Forgiven
By: | Date: February 2, 2021 | Filed Under: Podcast | Tagged Under:

You’ve been forgiven but now what? We have to remember that forgiveness is a gift and trust is earned. Forgiving is the first step to healing and it takes time. Sometimes the greater the hurt, the greater the time it takes to forgive. In this episode, we discuss what trust looks like when you’re in the process of forgiving and after there is forgiveness. We unpack reaching a level of maturity and being realistic about the new dynamic after a crisis, expectations we put on each other, forgiving mistakes vs. intentional choices, and compassion.