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Why More Than One Stream of Income is Important
By: | Date: November 30, 2020 | Filed Under: Empowerment | Tagged Under:

You might be able to create enough side hustles to the point where one stream of income is solely for saving, another for investing, and another for spending. Or perhaps you’re thinking of multiple streams of income so that one stream goes straight to your student loans. Or simply to have enough emergency savings for six months to a year at the least. The different streams of income and what you’re using that income for varies by person. As for the former, we’re not simply talking working multiple jobs here. The goal is to create a stream (or multiple streams) of income that work while you’re not. This way, you’re not waiting on a raise or bonus that may never come or may be delayed at a time when you need more finances flowing your way. This way, business continues throughout the day, making you money even when you’re away.