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I love makeup but it is not a passion for me. I don’t consider myself to be a makeup artist, but I have learned from some of the best on YouTube when it comes to applying your makeup correctly. It is a form of art and some people are better at it than others, literally. You can keep your makeup natural and simple or completely transform yourself. My personal opinion is why would you want to look like a completely different person with makeup? The point is to enhance your natural features and add a new dimension to your face. It’s not even supposed to be noticeable—just a subtle definition.

How To Find The Right Makeup
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When Jenny is sad she prefers to sleep off her depression, and it always works. When I feel low, I have a lot of chocolates. And it works too! I am pretty much sure all of us know what the things are that make us feel good, crappy, and the like. We can say this about ourselves because we know who we are. This is also the first step of choosing the right makeup. No matter what the tips or best-kept secrets for that fabulous and gorgeous looks are, it all begins with identifying what you would want to wear, what makes you comfortable, and how much makeup you can ‘handle’. There are loads of people who prefer to go natural and others who just can’t turn away from another new eye shadow. Whatever it is you want, never losing sight of the personal reference is most essentially the first basic step. Once you know this, you are well on your way to choose the right makeup.