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Maggie Dong Gets Comfortable Talking About Sex
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In this episode, we talk with our special guest, Maggie Dong, Fitness & Life Coach in our continuation of our series on sex and relationships. Maggie emphasizes the importance of having a healthy relationship with your body and a healthy relationship with sex. Maggie and Sherley discuss intentions, meeting in the middle, making love, what it means to understand our needs and desires, fulfilling and being fulfilled. If you need encouragement cultivating a healthy sex life, this is the episode for you.

Our First Anonymous Story
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In this episode, we hear our very first anonymous story! Listen to Sherley tell the story that a listener sent in along with Sherley’s message of encouragement afterwards. Trigger warning, this story includes molestation, self harm, and a suicide attempt. There are also mentions of infidelity, homelessness, and an unexpected pregnancy so please know that no matter how you can relate to this story, you are not alone and it will get better. If you would like to share your own anonymous story, be sure to reach out!

Alex Scot on Intentional Relationships
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In this episode, we talk with our special guest, Certified Relationship Coach, Alex Scot who helps women heal toxic relationship cycles and create stable love. In this hour, we explore the importance of consent and agency and unconditional love as well as the inner work it takes to be our best selves. It’s not easy being honest with ourselves and taking the time to enact self love but Alex Scot is here to help guide us through it. Whether you’re wrestling with religious expectations, going through a divorce, etc… it’s time to be more mindful than ever before when it comes to your needs and desires, realizing when you are the common denominator, understanding the danger of justifying mistreatment, respecting boundaries, and walking with intention. If you’re ready to settle into stability, grab your coffee or tea and settle in for this one.

What Marriage Means From a Divorced Woman Part 2
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Continuing our discussion about marriage from a divorced woman’s point of view, Sherley, Kira, and special guest, Alicia Hawthorne dive deeper. You’re in for a great discussion on red flags, believing the best in our other half, parents and trauma, staying or going different paths, grieving, counseling, happiness and more. We close with the reminder of being grounded in who you are because marriage is not a game and the importance of tapping into our source of peace.

What Marriage Means From a Divorced Woman Part 1
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No one gets married and wants to get a divorce. How does one get to that point? Should you only get married once? Why is divorced so shameful? Your vows include the phrase, “till death do us part.” Does that mean forever? In this episode, we discuss all of this plus bittersweet lessons from divorce, rebuilding and preparing for the next relationship, living together before marriage with our guest, Alicia Hawthorne who provides insight and guidance on life after divorce.