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Sherese: Business Coach
By: | Date: November 16, 2021 | Filed Under: Podcast | Tagged Under:

This week on the Femme Parler Podcast we’re happy to welcome Sherese. Sherese is a Business Coach who focuses on turning others’ confusion into clarity.  She talks about how she developed a deeper level of compassion and empathy through her experiences and trials. In that moment she had to learn how to dive into her traumas and navigate her new reality.  Have you had an experience that completely changed the direction in your life? Are you lost and looking for direction in your life and business?  Sherese talks about the importance of the law of attraction and how our thoughts have POWER. Changing your mindset can change your life.  If you want more information on her three-step process to help create a better life…tune in to start your path to a more joyous life.