The story begins with Sherley Altidor looking for ways to tackle her natural hair. She hardly knew what to do. Her questions were many and so were the resources scattered all over the internet. What she found hardly provided a consolidated and authentic guideline that she could easily follow and always trust. So in January, 2012, Sherley created the Femme Naturelle (“Natural Women” in French) Meetup group. In quick succession, the group became a community where women met to exchange their thoughts, ideas, beliefs and knowledge about hair, skincare, makeup, life, relationships, children and so much more.

Femme Naturelle was Sherley’s first organized effort to create a support system for all women.  It has since expanded to a Female Empowerment and Relationship Advice Podcast + Blog with a focus on informing women throughout their everyday lives. Today, Femme Naturelle seeks to enhance the confidence of all of the wonderful ladies.  In short, Femme Naturelle is here to partner with women on their journey so no one walks the journey alone. Femme Naturelle’s goal is to spread the joy of being an all natural woman. True to its name, the Femme Naturelle brand promotes, supports and inspires to this day a empowering lifestyle. Femme Naturalle is that one friend you can count on.

Come be a part of an ever-growing group where women meet and make positive changes in their lives. Welcome!

Our Mission:

Our mission is to establish ourselves as the most trusted community where all women can open up and share both their concerns and knowledge with ease. We aim to become the best friend for every woman on their journey.

Our Vision:

Every action that we take is directed toward our dream of becoming every woman’s best friend. We work towards the day when all the women of the world will accept their self confidently and make us a part of their lives as they come to us to know and grow.