Every new beginning has a little story behind it. And ours has its roots in the confusion of a woman, Sherley Altidor, who was looking for ways to tackle her hair but hardly knew what to do. Her questions were many and so were the answer sources. Scattered all over the Internet, they hardly provided a consolidated and authentic guideline that she could always follow or trust. That is when in January, 2012, she created a group on Meetup called the ‘Femme Naturelle’ or the ‘Natural Women’ in English.  A community where women would meet to exchange their thoughts, ideas, beliefs and knowledge about hair, skincare, makeup, life, relationships, children and much more.

True to its name, the Femme Naturelle Association promotes, supports and inspires a natural lifestyle. This VIP organization was first conceived to act as a support system for all those women who have chosen a perm and relaxer free hair. Even today it seeks to enhance the confidence of all those wonderful ladies who have given up the artificial ways to ‘treat’ their hair, irrespective of their race or ethnicity.  In short, it is a humble attempt at being a partner in a woman’s journey to her natural self.  This journey isn’t always easy but it does become comfortable with the correct company. Femme Naturelle is precisely that friend one can count upon. The atmosphere of this online community is fun, energetic and informative. Come, be a part of an ever-growing, fascinating group where women meet and make many positive changes in their life. Welcome!

Our Mission:

Our mission is to establish ourselves as the most trusted community where all women can open up and share both their concerns and knowledge with equal ease. We aim to become that one best friend every woman who has decided to choose the natural way would count upon.

Our Vision:

Every little action that we take here is directed towards our dream of becoming a woman’s best friend. We work towards that day when all the women of the world would accept their natural self confidently, make us a part of their life and come back to us to know and grow, to share and care and to acknowledge our little contribution in the big differences in their life.