Within the last two years, my eating habits have changed substantially. But one thing that has not changed is that I absolutely love to snack! I love snacks! I love them, I do! Nothing is going to change this fact about me so I have learned to embrace this, knowing that it is my responsibility to make an effort to try and incorporate healthy snacks into the mix when I can. 

One of my favorite healthy snacks is dry fruit. It’s one of the first types of snacks that I make a beeline for in the store. The thing is, finding dry fruit that is tasty and that is not full of sugar has been difficult when you’re not at an expensive store that specializes in healthy foods and snacks. It’s either that or you get the extreme opposite and the dry fruit is just absolutely tasteless and gross. So as you can imagine, when I was recently contacted by Jali Fruit, I was a bit hesitant at first. I was content with my go to dried fruit and I was nervous about venturing outside of what I was content with. I was very doubtful about whether this company could deliver, whether they could be the dry fruit that meets in the middle of the two extremes that I so often found myself in.

I was not sure if I was going to like what they had to offer. I already had my guard up because of my past disappointment. But Jali Fruit was determined and I’m not going to try any product on here and sing its praises if I haven’t actually tried it myself. I’m thrilled to say that after being sent some Jali Fruit samples, I was immediately hooked.

Jali: jaa-lee

In much of West Africa, the Jali is a musical storyteller with teachings passed on through memory, regailing a village in the history of an elder or the lessons of past generations. We believe that the story of the women behind each bag of fruit deserves to be told, without shortcuts, and that the Jali represents that spirit.

I was sent all three flavors that are currently on sale; Mango-Rama, Mr. Jackfruit and Party Pineapple. There is no sugar added, no preservatives, and the perfect size bag for snacking. Did I mention that they are delicious? Because they are! Don’t ask me what my favorite is because I definitely cannot choose and I don’t want to. I don’t know what dried fruit you’re currently eating but put it down and try this one out. Order yours today and tell me what you think when you receive it. You can order their dry fruit in a 4-pack, 6-pack, or 10-pack. Splurge for the 10-pack for free shipping! You could get 10 of the same flavor, or 10 assorted bags, whatever you want, it’s yours.

The company is eco-friendly, as its packaging is sustainable, for those wondering. Their sun dried fruit is 100% hand crafted by women farmers from Haiti, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. The fruit is wild harvested from ancestral trees and the company prides itself in no waste. 108,000 lbs of waste has been diverted because of Jali Fruit alone. This is crucial since so much food is wasted all over the world, day after day, year after year.

The way that nature gives back and how timeless this act is never ceases to amaze me. The fact that native farmers are the ones harvesting and putting their heart and soul into what I eat and they are not being stiffed financially warms my heart. By working directly with farmers, Jali Fruit cuts out the middle-man and puts money directly into the pockets of female entrepreneurs. The fact that they reject what they can when it comes to capitalism is reason enough for me to give this company a thumbs up. But wait, there’s more!

Best of all, Jali Fruit ensures that their farmers make $15 a day compared to the average of $2 a day in these regions. That’s right. A day. They also partner with nonprofits and local governments to provide additional training in farming, agriculture, food-safe manufacturing, marketing, and financial literacy. To date, they’ve contributed to over 1,000 hours of training for women. Jali Fruit participates in over 40 cooperatives in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean, making this partnership one not to take lightly at all. Jali Fruit is on a mission to be an ethical business and hone in on building up the communities that they are in, not getting distracted by expanding like so many other business out there. Jali Fruit puts their money where their mouth is and I believe you should too if you like dried fruit. Help contribute to the almost 7,000 livelihoods that Jali Fruit has created since its inception.

So not only am I eating healthy but I’m putting my money towards a company that has a healthy relationship with its partners. There’s nothing that feels better than eating from an ethically conscious company. You can even scan your QR code and trace it back to the farm that it came from. How sweet is that?

One of the reasons that I chose to partner with this company is not only because it is truly delicious, healthy fruit but also because of what Jali Fruit continuously provides women. Femme Naturelle is all about women empowerment and financial independence. I love what the company is doing for women in Africa and Haiti and I want to share my support by putting my money where my mouth is so that they have what they need to continue to succeed. You can bet that I will be buying packs of Jali Fruit in the future. I can’t wait to bring it with me on my travels once we’re all able to travel again. It’s the perfect travel snack. But right now, we’re all snacking at home, so don’t be shy about using my discount code to make this your current snack craving!

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