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My name is Sherley Altidor. I am a lifestyle blogger and serial entrepreneur. I live in New Jersey with my husband and two kids, living life to the fullest. Informing every women through my blog is very rewarding. Femme Naturelle provides guidance and encouragement for women of all walks of life who are reclaiming their power and rebuilding their relationships after crisis. Happy Reading!

How To Survive In A Relationship
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A relationship can be very challenging… because it’s not a fairytale. While everyone looks for that perfect partner with no faults, the reality is that no one is perfect. In this episode, Sherley and Kira discuss 3 key ways to help build a solid relationship. There will always be bumps in the road and we are here to help you stop setting down your own. We discuss the importance of being mindful, creating the right barriers, selflessness and communicating.

While there is no obvious connection between feminine hygiene and BV, research often connects douching with BV. So, it’s best to avoid doing it in the first place. Since the secret to avoiding BV is maintaining a healthy pH level in the vagina, you can attempt to achieve that by avoiding doing anything that disrupts the healthy makeup. For instance, certain soaps might upset this balance. Always opt for mild or unscented, natural soaps. It might take a few days to get used to using natural products, which aren’t buried in non-essential ingredients, but it’s worth finding the product that suits you. Let your skin breathe. Your entire body will thank you.

Femme Parler Podcast Introduction Trailer
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Welcome to Femme Parler Podcast. Each and every week in season one, Sherley and her season one co-host, Kira will chat about how to rise up tall from all types of obstacles that come with relationships. Through personal life experiences and discussions ranging from infidelity, trust, forgiveness, sex, heartbreak, self love, and more, we aim to be a helping hand as you guide your way through any storm in your relationship and reach for peace of mind. We want to cheer you on as you rediscover how to live as selflessly and boldly as possible. So let’s dive in!  Pull up a seat, make sure you’re cozy, and get ready to be challenged and encouraged while you learn to love again with your virtual girlfriends. How can this podcast benefit you? Listen to this introduction to find out!

Maybe you’ve always wanted to incorporate a more extravagant form of self care, like going to a spa once every season. Maybe you’re interested in checking out more books from the library. Maybe you want to take a business class. Maybe you have always wanted to invest in yourself but the “new” comes into play when you actually take steps to make it happen. If that’s new to you. There’s nothing wrong with trying and trying again. It’s not necessarily new and calling it something new and shiny may not always work in your favor. You have to decide how you move best moving forward. You have to determine the language that best suits the path that you are taking because words have power and staying in the “New” may keep you from steady growth, steady opportunity.

Sex Before Marriage: Is it Important
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There are two things that I strongly believe should happen before marriage—sex and living with the person that you want to spend your life with before the vows have been exchanged. It is so important for two people who are going to be together to live together before marriage. The reason I say that is because I strongly feel that one really, truly has to know who he or she is going to be with day in and day out for the rest of their lives if the person plans to spend their life with that person until death do them part. Committing to live with another person for life is no small decision. Everyone is not compatible to live with. It’s best not to be surprised if you can avoid it. By living together before, you can gauge what you are willing and not willing to put up with and compromise on and learn a rhythm of living together so that there is harmony and no huge learning curve right after the high of the honeymoon.