I am very particular about products that I use on my skin.  Not only am I a creature of habit, I simply do not like having a whole bunch of products and chemicals in my home. I guess you can say that I am not a product junk. I am definitely the far opposite. I like to have three products at max to choose from, so it is vital that each play a great role in taking great care of my skin. 

I have very sensitive skin, so it is very important that my skin and I are happy with the products that I choose. Otherwise, I could damage my skin simply because I did not pay attention to the way that it reacts to certain products. I’m not about that trendy skincare life. My skin is not a trend so I have to be wise about what I let soak into my bloodstream. 

Recently, I was contacted by a company called Athia. Of course, I had never heard of the company since I am so simple with my skincare routine. I immediately turned into defense mode. Why were they reaching out to me? What was it about my presence that made them feel safe enough to share their product with me?

Well, I keep it real. And I am so glad that this is known because right away, they knew how important it was for me before I promoted any product that I test it out on my skin. I need my feedback to you all to be genuine and it can’t be if I haven’t tried the product.

Athia Skin Care has all natural products that are 100% cruelty free. These products are used by a diverse range of people, most interestingly, those in the fitness community like Brooke Ence and Heidi Powell. If athletes, who work up a sweat most everyday can keep their skin clear with these products, surely there’s a chance for me? Right? Right!

The product that I received was The Athia Bundle which includes the Daily Facial Cleanser, Hyaluronic and Vitamin C Daily Moisturizer and Retinal Night Cream. This was perfect for me! It’s almost like they read my mind about only needing three products a day. So how well did all of this work on me? 

Daily Facial Cleanser

The cleanser has a gold color to it which was nice and a soft clean scent which was really refreshing.  I used three pumps. They do suggest that one pump is enough, but I have a thing about three pumps for everything, so don’t mind me. With my pumps in hand, I lathered my face.  Even with more pumps than necessary, the scent was not overpowering and it felt great on the skin.  By lathering my face with the cleanser, I truly felt…well, there is no better way to put it, cleansed. My face felt soft and fresh and lovely.

Hyaluronic & Vitamin C Daily Moisturizer

This moisturizer is not thick, which some people might be used to for a moisturizer. It is very lightweight and completely unscented. I loved that it doesn’t feel greasy, leaving what feels like a layer that you can feel on your face for a short time after you lay a moisturizer on. This felt great and I could definitely see myself adding this to my AM routine. If you need a moisturizer, maybe consider trying this one out.

Retinol Night Cream

This night cream was not greasy which, again, I very much appreciated. That said, its consistency was a bit thicker than the moisturizer so while you don’t feel like you are caking anything on, you do feel like you are putting a protective layer on your skin for the night. It is unscented and feels really good on the skin. Not everyone is down for a night cream but if you find that it is a necessary part of your routine, this cream may be one worth looking into.

Proper skin care is important.  It is crucial to have skincare products that work for your skin and not against your skin. What you eat shows up on your skin and what you lather onto your skin will not hesitate to come right out in the most unfortunate of ways (zits, rashes, etc…) if you let certain chemicals and products soak into your bloodstream night after night. A combination of healthy eating, drinking plenty of water, and knowing what ingredients you’re putting on your skin every morning/night is key to healthy skin. Athia Skincare is here to help you with the products part of this equation.

If you do not have a routine, you definitely want to start off with a simple AM/PM routine.  Athia offers a variety of products from skincare to beauty care to help you with this. Your skin affects how you look with or without make-up. But the healthier your skin, the less make-up you will need for that daily makeup routine. So if you have just started wearing makeup or have discovered that you need to change up your skincare routine, Athia Skin Care is here for you! If you are looking for various products for your skin, rest easy because Athia offers it all for every skin type

They have also partnered with shesthefirst.org which funds and supports solutions that educate and empower women to flourish in their communities around the world.

I am so happy to have partnered with such a great company that offers great skincare products and they have a mission to create a community of strong women beyond their reach. I couldn’t be happier to promote them because coming together for a greater purpose is what Femme Naturelle is about.