Life comes with extreme stress. There are times when my stress level has been extremely high. It’s been so high, that I have been unable to think and see straight. It’s been so high that at times I was unable to catch my breath. I’ve since learned to recognize when stress begins to well up within me. When that happens, there are a few things that I know that I must do right away to decompress and prevent an anxiety or panic attack. 

I am a woman of faith and I believe in the power of prayer. I have also recently started to incorporate meditation into my life to help ease my mind even more.  Combining both of these practices has been a huge benefit to me and I’m sure that it can transform the lives of many of you reading this right now. So of course, I’m going to share what has helped me because we’re all in this together. There are no secrets here. When it comes to wellness, we need to be sharing the goods. So here goes! 

With prayer and meditation, you can affirm and manifest your destiny. I wholeheartedly believe this and have seen so many miraculous things in my life come to fruition because of prayer and meditation. By aligning yourself with the path that you are meant to be on and making sure your mind is clear, at peace, filled with gratitude, kindness, empathy, and joy, you can set yourself up with a clear mindset for the day ahead. Whether you incorporate one or the other or both into your life, and for however many days and however long is best for you,  tapping into the energy of what you cannot control and aligning with what you can is such a powerful thing. Leaning into the energy of a higher being and having that energy meet you where you are and lift you up is so empowering for each day that lies ahead.

When it comes to prayer and meditation, I have found that ADORAtherapy has been a great tool when it comes to setting the mood for intention. When you create a quiet place in your home or wherever you are, you are creating a safe, comfortable space to be at peace and be mindful of reaching and maintaining that state of mind. Doing what is necessary to set the tone for this space is key when it comes to not getting distracted and focusing on this time that you are taking out to pray and/or meditate.

Some things to think about when setting the mood include lightning, room temperature, candles or incense, and tea as starting points. Pick and choose what works for you. There is no right or wrong way to set the mood. You can pray or meditate in complete silence, with music on, on the floor, on your bed, wherever, whenever, with what you have available to you. If you’re looking for aromatherapy though, I’ve got something to share that you might like.

There is a powerful connection between olfaction and the limbic center of our brain which regulates our physiology including mood, memory and emotion. When breathing in essential oil blends made with pure plant aromas, we can literally transform how we feel in the moment, positively shifting the way we relate to ourselves, our personal and professional relations and ultimately the world around us.

I’ve been using ADORAtherapy, which helps set the mood for my prayer and meditation sessions by scent.  ADORAtherapy sells alcohol free, synthetic free, vegan and cruelty free, hand crafted essential oils, fragrances, and sprays that are perfect for your prayer and meditation time. Breathe in with intention. Breathe in a natural scent that ignites specific emotion in the brain.

Each collection has a habit guide designed to support your understanding and shifting of your moods based on how you feel in the moment.

You can shop by scent (fresh, floral, woodys & earthy, and arm & spicy), mood (focused & energetic, balanced & centered, relaxed & clear, and open hearted & grateful), or collection (Chakra Spice, Chakra Boost, Mood Boost, and Room Boost). If you are not quite sure what you’re looking for and want to try various scents or blends, ADORAtherapy offers a fabulous array of discovery sets. All of the products are made in the United States – Asheville, North Carolina to be precise.

We source ingredients for our Mood Boosts from organic, biodynamic plants from around the world and blend them in two delivery systems:

Roll ons: Organic Essential Oils + Absolutes + Organic Jojoba

Sprays: Organic Essential Oils + Absolutes + Distilled Water + Clean Emulsifier + Clean Preservative.

Don’t be alarmed by the pricing, as these scents and blends go a long way. You really do not need much to get the job done. You can also get travel size kits, perfect for those who work on the go and need to find a space wherever they are to take a moment to themselves to refresh and recharge. There is also a 100% refund policy if it turns out the scent/blend you’ve chosen does not vibe with what you need. They will send you a new product, you can do whatever you want with the product you have, and all that you have to do is pay shipping for the new product.

ADORAtherapy uses recycled paper for our award winning gift boxes. Our glass bottles are refillable and reusable. We make a conscious effort to reuse shipping materials and source recycled materials.

If you’re ready for a mood lift, ADORAtherapy may be the beginning of a whole new experience for you. In these times, it is especially important to be able to center yourself and your thoughts. When there’s talk of self-care, aroma therapy is still often overlooked. Well, look no further because ADORAtherapy is here for you and I want to hear your thoughts after you try it!

Ready to try ADORAtherapy? I can’t wait to hear what you think!  So, if you’re ready to try, here is my discount code for your purchase to kickstart creating you space. Happy meditating!

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