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How To Find The Right Makeup
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When Jenny is sad she prefers to sleep off her depression, and it always works. When I feel low, I have a lot of chocolates. And it works too! I am pretty much sure all of us know what the things are that make us feel good, crappy, and the like. We can say this about ourselves because we know who we are. This is also the first step of choosing the right makeup. No matter what the tips or best-kept secrets for that fabulous and gorgeous looks are, it all begins with identifying what you would want to wear, what makes you comfortable, and how much makeup you can ‘handle’. There are loads of people who prefer to go natural and others who just can’t turn away from another new eye shadow. Whatever it is you want, never losing sight of the personal reference is most essentially the first basic step. Once you know this, you are well on your way to choose the right makeup.

Women all around the world seem to have been baffled by the apparently simple question about the frequency in which they should wash their hair. While some prefer washing their hair every day, there are people who like to do it every alternate day or even once or twice every week. Back in the 1950s it was a common practice among women to pay a weekly visit to the hairdresser to have their hair washed and styled. So it turns out that the final decision is conditioned by a variety of factors including individual preference and social acceptance. But how would you react if I told you that you can go without shampoo forever? Now, before the statement grosses you out completely, let me assure you that it is not as bad as it sounds. Rather, following are some of the most wonderful ways in which you can go ‘poo’ free and yet flaunt an envious crown!

How To Know If You Are In Love
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In case you find yourself in a state of elation and are wondering why that is, let me tell you, it is the benevolent mixture of magic and science in equal proportions. Yes. Well, to be honest, you can still keep the ingredients but rearrange the proportions because I am not quite sure how much of each goes into the making of the ‘I am soooo happy’ state. The magic is definitely Cupid working his way through that special someone. As far as science goes, it is dopamine.